South Africa: Natures Hidden Gem, Tzaneen

South Africa is a place that I have always been enticed by. My fathers business is based in South Africa and since I was young he traveled back and forth, sharing his experiences of Safari and the gorgeous landscape of “the cradle of human kind”. He would bring home gifts and crazy ideas but the best thing he brought back to the U.S. was the Peppadew® pepper which was discovered and still grown in the lush region of Tzaneen, Limpopo South Africa . Two years ago I was lucky enough to visit Tzaneen and Johannesburg South Africa to learn about my fathers business, but while there, I was able to indulge in the beauty of the region and also learn about the culture and social issues in the region.

We drove up to the region from Tambo Airport in Johannesburg (about 5 hours). This area is also close to Kruger National Park. As we got closer to Tzaneen and our B&B I rolled down my window; the greenery, flowers and nearby streams added to the freshest natural fragrance I have ever smelled. Along the drive we witnessed monkeys and baboons and other amazing wildlife and agriculture. If anyone loves avocados, this is the place to be! AVO TREES EVERYWHERE!

Something quite contrary to the beautiful scenery and greenery, there was something extremely upsetting I saw during our drive up, and discussed with the locals throughout my trip. We passed Witkruismonument in Ysterberg just outside Polokwane. Here, there are thousands of crosses to honor the lives of those farmers who were murdered during acts of robbery and torture. This has been an issue brought to the U.S. attention as of this year but this issue has been going on for over a decade. If you want to learn more about this issue I have attached a few articles, one dating back to 2012. No matter your take on the situation, it is sad that innocent people are being murdered and that the country had such a brutal history of racism. In speaking to local farmers, they are terrified for their lives and livelihood. Along with murder, people are also destroying their crop and robbing their farming tools. There is so much work we must do globally in order to encourage unite and eliminate all forms of hate.

Crop of White Crosses

One Person Murdered Every Week

Afrikaner Parties Over Farm Murder Stats

Are Protesters Right on SA Farm Murder Rate

Things To Do:

Debengeni Waterfall

Magorbaskloof Hiking Trail

Vervet Monkey Foundation

Star Gazing

Hotels & B&Bs:

Sherwoods Country House-This is where I stayed, Older style decor but very clean and generous accommodations from the sweet couple that own the B&B not to mention delicious food

Other local options are:

Coach House Hotel & SPA Tzaneen

 Diggersrest Lodge 

Bramasole Guesthouse

Kings Walden

Some Restaurants I Recommend:

Sherwoods Country House


Kings Walden



If you see Peppadew on any menu, TRY IT! 🙂

Definitely keep checking prices on:

and the hopper app