Canada: Mont Tremblant, Quebec


A cozy winter getaway is just a few hours away in Mont Tremblant Canada. Talk about winter wonderland, this small-town in Canada makes it feel like Christmas all the time. So, it was fitting to plan the trip around the holidays. This destination is one you can adapt to your likings, you can be adventurous, relax and enjoy great food.

We decided to stay at an apartment/hotel called Cap Tremblant. If you book a room with a view of the mountain its absolutely magnificent. We really enjoyed being in this area because there was a shuttle to the mountain outside our door and it was close to a quaint town that had such cute restaurants and friendly local people to interact with.

So let me begin with skiing/snowboarding. Be sure to book your lift tickets ahead of time, if you book them before the end of December you get a major discount. We were concerned because on the website it says you can book a certain amount of days but we didn’t know if those days had to be consecutive. Turns out you can use your tickets for 10 days within the start date of your choosing. For example we booked 3 days and were able to use them any 3 days we chose throughout our 10 day trip. Obviously the later in the season the better the conditions and more powder but Canada in December is definitely better than the mountains at home! For 3 days skiing was about $245 USD per person. We loved the location because the pedestrian village is at the bottom of the mountain so you can spend the whole day there skiing, eating, shopping and so much more! Everyone in the village is on and off the mountain, so really anywhere you go is super casual, you can stay in your ski clothes and go right to dinner from the mountain, its cool! Since we had a whole kitchen set up in our apartment we opted to just have soup some nights and chill by our fireplace and maybe even swim in our outdoor (heated) pool/hot tub.

If you go to Tremblant you have to dogsled! Visit to book your excursion. You must first request your dates and they will get back to you to confirm in 24 hours. There are 3 types of excursions, diable, forest and mountain adventure. If you choose to drive the sled, I would suggest doing the easier course, the forest adventure. The guide will pick you up in the village and drive you to their site where they will instruct you in their lodge. Here, juice, coffee, and some snacks are available. Make sure you dress warm and wear your helmet if you have one, otherwise they will provide one. You will then be able to meet the dogs and set them up on the sled. I loved seeing how wound up the dogs get when they know they’re about to run, they are such amazing animals with adorable personalities! Driving the sled alone is definitely challenging. If you want to drive be aware that these doggies are STRONG so proceed with caution and ask for help if you need it. The guides are spectacular, so friendly and willing to help. You will stop once to break and enjoy cookies and hot cocoa, be sure to use the restroom before going on the sled because during the break there’s only an outhouse available. At the end of the ride you will bring the dogs back to their dog houses and then receive a tour. You’ll learn more about what they do to help rescue and maintain a healthy lifestyle for all the dogs they take in. After, they take you back to the lodge where you can enjoy soup and refreshments (if you ride in the early afternoon). There is an option to buy the photos they take of you as well (first and second photo). Your guide will then drive you back to the village where you can enjoy the rest of your day! Be sure to bundle up on this adventure witness my puffiness in the photos.

After skiing and sledding you might want to decompress and have someone work out all of the knots you have from riding. Spa Scandinave is right down the street and has treatments at super reasonable prices you can even get discounts online at Costco or from other Tremblant activities. If you would prefer not to get a treatment, you can still gain access to the Nordic baths, the saunas, relaxation rooms and heated lounges. Spend a day completely relaxing and unwinding, enjoy lunch, the beautiful grounds and just chill. Being in a steaming hot pool or under a warm blanket and a heat lamp while snow is flurrying around definitely makes you feel yummy!

We spent New Years Eve here and they have a huge celebration in the center of the village. They have a DJ and fireworks at midnight at the bottom of the mountain. It was snowing on New Years and it made the night feel extra magical. You should also know it basically flurries all day everyday in Tremblant, I love it!


6 nights in Mont Tremblant

Day 1: Drive to Tremblant get settled, grab dinner

Day 2: Go skiing and roam around the village at night

Day 3: Go dogsledding eat dinner in the town by Cap Tremblant and visit ice rink in town (location)

Day 4: Go skiing go and hang out in pedestrian village

Day 5: Go skiing later go to downtown Tremblant

Day 6: Spa Scandinave, relax!

Day 7: Head home grab some Tim Hortons or Canadian McDonalds on the way back 🙂

If you’re around for New Years don’t miss the celebration in the Pedestrian Village!

Hotel Suggestions

Cap Tremblant:

The following are right in the Pedestrian Village almost Ski in/out style:

Residence Inn Marriott:

Le Westin:

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant:

Holiday Inn:

Restaurants I Highly Recommend

Millys: My favorite, had great french food and bites

La Petite Cachée: For a more upscale dinner

Le Shack: A step above bar food, try poutine everywhere you go! Theirs is good!

O Wok: Nice Thai/ Chinese food small dishes YUM

La Maison De La Crepe: Great crepês and different dishes

Definitely keep checking prices on:

and the hopper app